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Hello to all our customers and friends, we hope you are safe and well. 
For those of you who need to collect a vehicle from our site, we continue to operate by appointment only.
Please call us 0800 008 111 to arrange a date and time for you to collect your vehicle or email us at: reception@sdt.co.nz.
Collections will be scheduled between 9.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday


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Southern Districts Towing is one of the largest vehicle recovery operators and is located close to the Takanini off-ramp and the Takanini train station on Oakleigh Ave, Takanini. We have storage for around 450 vehicles including mopeds, cars, light & heavy trucks and machinery. Our yard is secure and the NZ Police and most major insurance company’s assessors are in attendance every weekday. Our office is open to the public from 8am to 4:30pm Monday to Thursday, Friday 8am - 4pm, Saturday and Sunday closed. Please call the office prior to arrival to check to see if we can release property from your vehicle. We have strict procedures and requirements of who we can release property to.


Help - Why was my car impounded

Taken from the NZ Transport Agency website:

The vehicle you're driving will be impounded if you're caught driving when:

  • you've been disqualified from holding or getting a driver licence
  • your driver licence has been suspended or revoked
  • you don't hold (or have never held) a driver licence or your licence has expired, and you have been forbidden to drive by a police officer until you have a new or renewed licence
  • you have to reinstate your licence and have been forbidden to drive by a police officer until you do
  • you commit a drink-drive offence and have two previous drink-drive convictions in the last four years
  • if the vehicle is used by a transport service operator:
    • who has been disqualified from holding or getting a transport service licence
    • whose transport service licence has been suspended or revoked
    • who does not (or has never) held a transport service licence and has previously been forbidden to operate the service.

Your vehicle can also be impounded if:

  • you're caught racing (eg drag racing)
  • you're caught performing street car stunts (eg wheel spins)
  • you've broken a bylaw that prohibits cruising
  • you've failed to stop when requested by the police (eg you've sped off and weren't immediately apprehended)
  • you have an alcohol interlock licence and the vehicle doesn't have an alcohol interlock device fitted.

How come my vehicle was impounded when I wasn’t driving at the time

Taken from the NZ Transport website:

What happens if the driver isn’t the registered person?
The person registered in respect of the vehicle has an obligation to make sure that only licensed drivers use their vehicles, and that drivers use their vehicles responsibly. However, there are some circumstances where the registered person can appeal against a roadside vehicle impoundment.

Can I get my car out early

Taken from the NZ Transport website:

When can I make an appeal?
As the registered person, you can make an appeal only on the grounds that:

  • the impounded vehicle was stolen or converted at the time it was impounded (converted means the vehicle was taken or used dishonestly and without claim of right)
  • the police officer didn't have reasonable grounds or didn't follow proper procedures to impound the vehicle
  • you didn't know, and couldn't reasonably have been expected to know, that the driver was unlicensed or disqualified
  • you took all reasonable steps to prevent the unlicensed driver from driving
  • you didn't know, and couldn't reasonably have been expected to know, that the driver would race the vehicle or perform street car stunts
  • you took all reasonable steps to prevent the driver from racing or performing street car stunts
  • the driver drove in a serious medical emergency (which includes carrying a person about to give birth)
  • you didn't know, and couldn't reasonably be expected to know, that the operator of the transport service was disqualified
  • you didn't know, and couldn't reasonably be expected to know, that the relevant transport service licence was suspended or revoked
  • you didn't know, and couldn't reasonably be expected to know, that the operator didn't hold a transport service licence and had previously been forbidden to operate.

You can't appeal on the grounds that vehicle impoundment will cause undue hardship. The appeal won't be accepted.

How can I make an appeal?

As the registered person for the vehicle, you may appeal to the Commissioner of Police within 14 days. If that appeal is unsuccessful, you can appeal to a district court.

If your appeal is successful, the vehicle will be returned. You don't have to pay the costs of the impoundment if it's shown that the police didn't have reasonable grounds to impound the vehicle or didn't follow the correct procedure.

If the vehicle was stolen or converted, you don't have to pay the storage fee, but you must pay the towing fee.

What if I pay the impound fee upfront can I still get my car out?

Southern Districts Towing welcome full or part payment for your impounded car however we cannot release this legally until the impoundment time is up. Please call Southern Districts Towing on 0800 008 111 and ask for the impounds team to make arrangements to pre-pay the impound fee and uplift your vehicle at a later time.

Why do I have to show a photo ID? Why can’t I pick up my relative’s car?

Southern Districts Towing only accepts photo ID as a form of identification to pick up your car. This can be a NZ Driver licence, an 18+ card or a current passport. SDT will only release the vehicle to the registered owner at the time of impoundment. Should the registered owner not be available to pick up the vehicle prior arrangements must be made with Southern Districts Towing and the correct ID and strict procedures must be met prior to releasing a vehicle to a non-registered owner. Please call our office for further clarification and if necessary book a time to talk with one of our staff members.

How much do I need to pay?

Impounded fees are set by the current NZ legislation. Every vehicle tow is different depending on the size of the vehicle, the impound location and the time of day. The team at Southern Districts Towing aim to notify the registered owner by letter within 14 days of the impounded date by letter to the NZTA registered owners address. If you have not received notification and need to know how much is owed, please call 0800 008 111 and ask for the impounds team who can give you the correct information.

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Stolen Vehicles

My vehicle has been stolen and the police have told me it’s been towed to Southern Districts Towing. What happens next...

If your car has been stolen and recovered in the Counties Manukau Police District it will be towed back to our yard to be fingerprinted by the NZ Police. Generally, is takes 24-48 hours to complete the fingerprinting process and you will be notified by the NZ Police who will also provide you with information regarding your vehicle. You may also receive notification from a staff member at Southern Districts Towing. If you have theft insurance/ fully comprehensive car insurance, please phone your insurance provider to inform them of your vehicle's location. If you have no insurance, it is in your best interest to uplift your car quickly as storage fees may be incurred. Please call your insurance company or our office if you require further assistance with this

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Accident vehicles

In the unfortunate event you have had an accident check with your insurance provider whether your policy includes a towing service and whether the service will come to the scene of an accident. Southern Districts Towing is the preferred recovery company for most major insurance companies for accidents in Auckland and we will come to your rescue in your time of need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you aren't covered for this, you may need to pay for a Southern Districts Towing service to come and take your vehicle away. If you require urgent assistance, please call 0800 008 111 immediately

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Unattended cars towed of motorway:

Stopping on the motorway is a big no-no and if you breakdown and leave your vehicle unattended on the motorway the NZ Police will remove your vehicle and move/tow it to a place of safety. The NZPD will arrange for your vehicle to be towed to the nearest National Recovery Alliance secure yard. If the police issue an infringement ticket and providing you uplift your car the same day there is no cost paid to the towing company to uplift your vehicle, you will however be issued with an NZPD infringement notice which you will be required to pay within 28 days. Please refer to the New Zealand Police website for the latest information on how to pay for your infringement ticket.

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What law governs the towing & vehicle recovery industry?

We are required by law to adhere to the Transport Services Licensing Act 1989 and the Land Transport Act 1998 and any other relevant legislation. These are monitored by LTSA and NZ Police. Southern Districts Towing is also an MTA member and we abide by the MTA Code of Ethics.

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Unauthorised Parking Towaways:

If you park on private property without the authority from the property owner or their tenant or fail to comply with any term or conditions of parking displayed on the property, this is considered to be unauthorised parking. Vehicles will be towed back to our yard and released upon payment back to the registered person with photo ID. 

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Heavy Combination Loads:

Recently there have been changes to over-dimension permits. The result is a new set of permits designed specifically to enable the towing of combination loads within a safe set of parameters. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR TOWING PERMIT FACT SHEET.


Still have questions, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or if you require urgent assistance please call us now 0800 008 111

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When it comes to towing your car, motorbike, truck, caravan or bus, you can always rely on our expert Recovery Team in Auckland. No vehicle is too big or small for our team, and we have extensive experience throughout Auckland in a range of jobs.

Our Recovery Team is highly skilled in roadside assistance and can handle every emergency, from accidents to breakdowns, and salvage recovery towing. If you need expert assistance in a hurry, call us now.

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