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Hello to all our customers and friends, we hope you are safe and well. 
For those of you who need to collect a vehicle from our site, we continue to operate by appointment only.
Please call us 0800 008 111 to arrange a date and time for you to collect your vehicle or email us at: reception@sdt.co.nz.
Collections will be scheduled between 9.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

Heavy Haulage

Southern Districts Towing boasts a range of different Heavy Recovery Vehicles, specifically equipped to carry out various recoveries. With a fleet of 6 vehicles and extensive experience in the industry, we have the capability to handle any rescue and recovery situation involving any type of vehicle.

Southern Districts Towing Heavy Haulage offers:

        • A wide-ranging fleet of heavy recovery units
        • Vehicles fitted with modern equipment, bespoke built with under lifts which give the lowest boom height and longest reach in the industry, ensuring any vehicle can be lifted quickly and without damage
        • Heavy units equipped with over booms and twin winches to give even greater versatility
        • The capability to recover heavy commercial, bus, coach, and plant vehicles
        • The ability, knowledge, and experience to deal with various vehicles in accident situations
        • Vehicles are tracked, allowing us to provide accurate information on their location
        • A 24/7 North Island service
        • Recently there have been changes to over-dimension permits. The result is a new set of permits designed specifically to enable the towing of combination loads within a safe set of parameters

Combination Towing Permits - FACTS

For many years there has been a lot of misinformation about the towing of combination loads.

Until recently, towing divisible combination loads was prohibited except for removing a vehicle to the nearest place of safety where it could then be separated and towed as separate units.

In late 2020 NZTA, New Zealand Police, Heavy Haulage Association, and no less than nine Heavy Towing Operators from around New Zealand engaged in a series of workshops to work towards setting safe parameters for combination load towing beyond the nearest safe place.

The result is a new set of permits designed specifically to enable the towing of combination loads within a set of safe parameters.

Southern Districts Towing would like to acknowledge the pragmatic approach taken by the New Zealand Transport Agency in engaging with Industry, which has been challenging and to the nine Heavy Towing Operators who were engaged in the series of workshops.

What can we do?
With these new Recovery Over-Dimension Permits, Southern Districts Towing are permitted to tow combination loads up to 65 tonnes when loaded and a combined length including the recovery vehicle of 35 meters.

Key Permit Conditions
The permit is issued for the tow of a disabled vehicle from the scene or breakdown location.
This permit does not allow multiple tows of the same disabled vehicle or the transportation of a disabled vehicle that has previously been towed.
Can be towed for a maximum of 200 km
The Recovery Operator must be able to control the casualty trailers service brakes
The movement is restricted to 70km/hr
This permit exempts the travel time requirements outlined in 6.22 of VDAM
Pilots must be used as follows ○ Daytime - One class two pilot ○ Nighttime - Two class two pilots.

Demystifying the myths
Until now there have been no standing permits that allow movement of combination loads beyond the nearest place of safety.
Several companies have these permits including Southern Districts Towing and many of our nationwide recovery partners. 


Why choose us

When it comes to towing your car, motorbike, truck, caravan or bus, you can always rely on our expert Recovery Team in Auckland. No vehicle is too big or small for our team, and we have extensive experience throughout Auckland in a range of jobs.

Our Recovery Team is highly skilled in roadside assistance and can handle every emergency, from accidents to breakdowns, and salvage recovery towing. If you need expert assistance in a hurry, call us now.

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  • Whilst recovering my car Southern Districts Towing couldn't have been more careful. Awesome Guys, awesome Company.

    Thanks heaps

    Chris S

  • Thank you for your help this afternoon. Service was outstanding. Highly recommend.

    Kind regards

    Treena S

  • Excellent service, very professional & helpful in providing a great service.

    Jay S